Memorial Service for Dr. Evan Rashkoff

A Memorial Service for Dr. Evan Rashkoff will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2017, at 1:00 p.m. at the Congregational Church of Salisbury, 30 Main Street, Salisbury CT. A collation will follow in the church Parish Hall. All are invited to Celebrate the Life of Dr. Rashkoff. Please continue to hold his family in your prayers.

12 thoughts on “Memorial Service for Dr. Evan Rashkoff

  1. Michele Heide Berman says:

    My heart is just broken to have just heard of the passing of Evan. I attended Eastchester High School with Evan but became dear friends with him since our 40th HS Reunion in 2009. He was one of the most remarkable men I have known. Intelligent, learned, articulate, and talented in his medical and orthopedic field, and selfless and generous with his services. He often spoke lovingly and humorously about his family. I will simply treasure our conversations and memories of the gatherings and laughter we shared. My sincere condolences to Claire and his children: Dan, Adam,Noah, and Rebecca.

    Michele Heide Berman

    1. Elizabeth Morris Krinick says:

      I just heard about Evan’s death. He was my first important boyfriend, my first love at Brandeis freshman year. He was everything that people have written about him, kind, funny, compassionate, and smart. I remember many days watching Evan and Mark Tulis practice on the field for track team and we always hung out with Peter Rainer, his best friend. It’s heartwarming to read everything amazing that has been written about him. Although almost 45 years have passed since we spoke I am saddened I never got to catch up with him and hear about his family and the work he did, or say good-bye. I have pictures of him if any of his family is interested in seeing… I would love to talk with Clare, Dan or one of his other children if they would like to contact me. May his memory be for a blessing.
      Liz Morris Krinick

      1. Dan Rashkoff says:

        Hi Liz,

        I know this is many months overdue, but thank you for your kind words about my father. I would be more than happy to get in contact with you. I am always happy to talk with people about him

        Dan Rashkoff

    2. Dan Rashkoff says:

      Hi Michele,

      I know this is many months overdue, but thank you for those very kind words about my father. I whole heartedly agree with every word, and I love and miss him very much.
      Thank you again

      Dan Rashkoff

  2. Peter Rainer says:

    Evan was my best and oldest friend, since 5th grade.
    He was the funniest person I ever knew and one of the most generous.
    There will always be so much to celebrate about his life.

    1. Dan Rashkoff says:

      Hi Peter,

      It’s been nice keeping in touch with you periodically over the last several months. I hope we stay in touch.
      Take care


  3. Mary Gramaglia says:

    Evan was my brother-in-law, the husband of my younger sister Clare. I always loved him for the way he cherished my sister, how he respected her intellect and took such pride in the way she guided him – his words, not mine! – in raising their four beautiful children, Daniel, Adam, Noah and Rebecca. It was clear from the moment he and Clare met – I was there at the very beginning, in fact, with Clare on that fateful day – that they were meant for each other. Other than being a great husband, father and brother-in-law, Evan was simply a wonderful, caring, kind man with a wicked sense of humour, a superb doctor (at one time or another he must have shared his medical expertise with half the family), and, in more recent years, a very talented potter. My family and I will miss him terribly but know that life is a little bit sweeter in Heaven now that Evan is there.

  4. Catherine Brown says:

    My husband and I just heard of Dr Rashkoffs passing.We are both very fond of him and very saddened by this news,our hearts go out to his family

  5. Nancy DiGirolamo says:

    I just learned of Dr. Rashkoff’s passing and am deeply saddened. He was my Dr. for my knee replacement and subsequent Achilles tendon surgery. He was a very nice, comforting man and I admired him for his work in Haiti with underprivileged people. My thoughts and prayers are wtih him and his family. So sad.

  6. Linda Barto says:

    I just learned of Dr. Evan Rashkoff’s passing. Dr. Rashkoff has been my surgeon, and friend over the years. He always talked affectionally about his wife Claire and kids. I am so saddened about his passing. My sincere condolences to his family. Peace dear Evan.

  7. Ronni Fauci says:

    I am shocked and saddened to have accidentally found out about Evans passing tonight. He was my cousin and a wonderful, kind man with a hilarious sense of humor. I wish I would have known so I could have been there for the service. My condolences to Clare and the children.

  8. Dan Rashkoff says:

    Thank you everyone for the incredibly kind words about my father. I know this is many months overdue, but I sincerely appreciate it. It is always nice to hear people talk about him. I miss him very much, and their hasn’t been one day over the last eight months that I haven’t thought about him. Hope all of you are well.

    Love and miss you Dad

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