Volunteer Opportunity: Sewing Masks

Joanne Hayhurst, of our church’s Board of Christian Action, shared this valuable and timely opportunity:

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you safe and healthy. If you are looking for ways to help our community respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are two local groups that are sewing 100% cotton face masks that could use your help. You do not need to know how to sew to help!

The groups are led by Jane Zatlin in Kent and Lakeville Interiors co-owners Courtney Saulnier and Ashley Marchand. Several local social service agencies have asked for the masks and the first set was delivered on Monday, March 23. Now local hospitals and other groups are requesting the masks, so we need to step up production.

The masks are not 100% effective against virus transmission, but they are reusable, washable, and can be sterilized for use by those who may be exposed to the virus during their work or volunteer activities. These masks are meant to be worn either by themselves or over an N95 mask worn by medical personnel/volunteers to extend mask life.

Please click to read fact sheet (Facemask fact sheet, 3-25-20) to see that the CDC has sanctioned cotton mask use when supplies of disposable masks run out or the alternative is nothing at all.

We could use your help! Please fill out this survey letting us know what you can do: Volunteer Survey for CT Fifth District Face Mask Task Force 2020

You could help by:

1. Assembling “kits” of fabric, pattern, scissors, etc.

2. Cutting and ironing the fabrics in your home

3  Delivering the materials from the pick-up point to volunteer homes (using your car and following contact-free pickup/delivery procedures)

4. Picking up finished masks and delivering them to end users (again, using your car and contact-free procedures)

5. Printing labels that go on the bags of masks (alerting end users that they must be washed and sterilized before use, and other care instructions)

6. Donating gallon-sized ziplock bags to hold the completed masks for delivery

7. Procuring additional materials (when needed)

8. Spreading the word among your social networks, media, etc.


Click here for one of the patterns currently being used: We-Can-Sew-It-Mask-Pattern. Some local health care providers are sending specifications for the masks they need, so please contact us before you start sewing so we can provide you with the proper pattern, fabric and other materials.

For more information, email NWCTmaskmakers@gmail.com or call Jill at 860-364-0362 (home) or 202-525-8884 (cell)

Thank you for anything you can do to help!

Jane Zatlin, Kent
Jason Baumgartner, Kent
Courtney Saulnier and Ashley Marchand, Lakeville Interiors
Jill Drew, Sharon
Lydia Moore, Sharon

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