The Phasing Forward Task Team recommends:

That a live ½ hour music meditation at noon in the Meetinghouse be offered once a month.

That we begin to offer in-person Sunday worship in the Meetinghouse with a target date of Sunday, September 13. This will be an abbreviated service at 9:00 a.m., about ½ hour, not livestreamed. It will include a welcome, scripture, sermon, prayer and live musical offering. There will be safety precautions in place, including the following:

  1. Sign-in for future contact tracing purposes.
  2. Limited to Meetinghouse space only.
  3. Pews marked off for social distancing.
  4. No use of bathrooms.
  5. Wearing masks throughout the service.
  6. No congregational singing.
  7. Congregants dismissed by the pastor or other to avoid crowding upon exit.
  8. Usher at Library Street door to direct people to the front or help with the handicap lift.

That we continue to investigate ways to hold a hybrid service in the Meetinghouse that would ensure the greatest degree of safety as well as the technological support to conduct this type of service for both those in the Meetinghouse and those who remain online.

Because the patterns of the COVID-19 virus are constantly shifting, we recognize that we may need to rethink these plans if circumstances indicate that they are not safe. We are prepared to adopt immediate changes in reopening or, if need be, not reopen our physical space to maintain optimum safety.

Importantly, we recognize the well-being of our church family as well as the wider community at large. Our intent is to commit vigilantly to best practices for the safety of all as we proceed.

One thought on “The Phasing Forward Task Team recommends:

  1. Dr Lorna D Edmundson says:

    Excellent, thorough work. Excellent, carefully thought-through plan. Thanks to all involved.

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