From the Green Team, November 2020

Good News!

The lighting project continues to improve.  Last year Tony Good put in a great deal of work setting up repair and updating of the lighting in the Meeting House and Parish Hall. Thank you, Tony! Building on his work, the Green Team has expanded the scope of the project, hoping to include upgrades in all facets of energy use. The Green Team’s goal is to have a Net Zero building (produce as much energy as we use.)

The lighting project will save 188,557 kWh of electricity over 15 years.  The saving also includes 290,377 pounds of carbon dioxide, 566 pounds of nitrogen oxide, and 1,131 pounds of sulfur dioxide removed from the air.  The savings is equivalent to 140,960 pounds of coal not burned, 36 acres of trees replanted, 25 cars removed from the road or 18 homes provided with electricity.

More Good News! The new Sharon/Salisbury Transfer Station is up and running.  Below are links about recycling which are informative and easy to use. The link about plastics is chock full of helpful advice for recycling plastic, including locations for recycling bags. Be sure to call ahead, some locations have suspended collection due to COVID. Explore them and have fun learning a thing or two!

Blessings for us all,
Theresa Carroll

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