Letter from the Moderator

Dear Church Family,

It continues to astonish me how busy and active the church community is even in these days of distance and (physical) isolation. At our recent Church Council meeting, we reviewed all that is going on and we wanted to share with you the many activities that continue to connect us all.

  • The Trustees have approved some technology improvements that will help Pastor John as he organizes and creates the Sunday Services. He and I chuckle about the fact that there was not a single class in his Seminary training that included the kind of technological know-how that he needs for his work today. And much of what he does goes unnoticed unless it doesn’t work well. So we owe him a debt of gratitude for all of the behind-the-scenes efforts!
  • Stage One of the lighting project is completed; Pastor John and Sexton Cory Wiggins report that it is bright and beautiful throughout the church. We continue to work on the issue with the cove lights to resolve that in a financially responsible way.
  • Pastor John and Barbara Collins have gathered a confirmation class with five of the church youth. It is truly exciting to see the children we’ve watched grow up as they are able to reconnect and work together even with the constraints of the day.
  • And speaking of Barbara Collins, if you haven’t gone to Sunday School yet, it is a treat that will be well worth your while. She deserves a huge shout-out for pushing the virtual envelope. Thank you, Barb!
  • We know that the holiday this year will be different. Personally, it is very strange for me to have this time at home when in past years there were choir concerts and bell choir gigs that kept us hopping from one day to the next. But stay tuned – the Christmas Eve service will be full of beautiful music that the choir is assembling, and Samuel is working closely with Pastor John to create a warm and wonderful celebration of the birth of Jesus.

In the meantime, our committees continue to meet. We appreciate the Deacons’ phone calls as they continue to check in with us to make sure we’re doing well. People are sending their pledge cards back to church (note to self: send it as soon as possible!). And many people have asked about the timing of our work with Holy Cow Consulting that will provide valuable insights for the Search Committee that will convene to consider our settled pastor position. Delayed by pandemic issues and now with a change in the regional minister who will guide us in that search, we will be looking to February or March to organize those efforts.

So it turns out that this holiday season remains busy and alive. My thanks go to each of you and to all of you for your continued commitment to the life of our church community. And I look forward to carrying the Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love of this Advent season into a new – and hopefully somewhat smoother – 2021.



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