Deacon’s Message for March

Deacon’s Message for March, submitted by Jennifer Good

As this past winter was an odd one, we are all battling to keep healthy by cleaning everything, eating well, and exercising. Taking some extra supplements helps too! This past month made me think how we do not always thank the Lord for our health in good healthy times, but rather we feel better soon while battling the flu, sinus infection or common cold. Below is a reading that refers to this scenario in our lives and I hope you enjoy it.

From the pamphlet Portals of Prayer – 7/2006, Concordia Publishing House

Day In, Day Out

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. -Philippians 4:6

Despite all the advancements in medical care, the common cold still eludes a cure. A whole range of medicines serves to ease the symptoms, but we must wait 5-7 days necessary for a cold to run its course. When we are blessed with good health, a cold reminds us how often we fail to thank God for it.

Likewise, when our lives are just normal, we fail to give God praise. We spend so much time looking ahead to the next big holiday, the next raise, or the next vacation, that we miss blessings of today. We also seem to expect that life should always be normal (that is, pleasant), but we all face adversity from time to time, and that adversity reminds us of the great blessings we receive on a daily basis from our gracious Lord.

God has so wonderfully made us that our bodies will heal and mend. God loves us in such a way as to give Jesus, God’s only-begotten, to mend our souls. God loves us in such a way as to give the Holy Spirit to live within us, in adversity, in the norm, and on the peaks. God is always eager to hear our prayers.

A closing Prayer…

Faithful One, You know us intimately; our every thought is known to You. Increase our faith, that we may give You thanks and praise in all things. Amen.

You can also read Philippians 4:4-7, and Psalm 42

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